React Native integration

Set up Mock Service Worker in React Native.

In React Native, MSW works similarly to Node.js, but omits certain request interceptors for modules that are not present in React Native, like the standard http module in Node.js.



MSW relies on standard JavaScript classes that are not present in React Native, like URL. Please install the polyfills below to guarantee proper MSW execution in React Native.

npm install react-native-url-polyfill fast-text-encoding

Create a new msw.polyfills.js file with the following content:

// msw.polyfills.js
import 'fast-text-encoding'
import 'react-native-url-polyfill/auto'

We will import this file later, when Enabling mocking.


Import the setupServer function from msw/native and call it, providing your request handlers as the argument.

// src/mocks/server.js
import { setupServer } from 'msw/native'
import { handlers } from './handlers'
export const server = setupServer(...handlers)

Learn more about the setupServer API. It’s the same for Node.js and React Native.

Enable mocking


Import server in the entrypoint of your React Native application and call server.listen() conditionally.

// index.js
import { AppRegistry } from 'react-native'
import App from './src/App'
import { name as appName } from './app.json'
async function enableMocking() {
  if (!__DEV__) {
  await import('./msw.polyfills')
  const { server } = await import('./src/mocks/server')
enableMocking().then(() => {
  AppRegistry.registerComponent(appName, () => App)

Don’t forget to import the msw.polyfills.js module!


When testing your React Native application, the way you set up MSW will differ based on how you run your tests. For example, for unit/integration testing where you render your React components in isolation, you should follow the regular Node.js integration to configure MSW with tools like Vitest or Jest.

For end-to-end testing, make sure you have Enabled MSW in development and spawn the instance of your React Native application accordingly (feel free to introduce new environment variables just for that). That way, you will be running your end-to-end tests against the application instance that has MSW up and running.

Common issues

Unable to resolve module http

Reason: Your React Native code ends up importing the http module that doesn’t exist in React Native.

Solution: Find the incorrect msw/node import in your application and replace it with msw/native.

-import { setupServer } from 'msw/node'
+import { setupServer } from 'msw/native'